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We're always making advancements to the software you know and love, check out the latest release notes below.   

A new version of smartbiz online was released on 27-May-2022. This version includes the following new features, plus a number of enhancements:

New smartbiz online functionality:

  • Costings - Included a new costing code field.

  • Item groups:

  • Included a new action to bulk update all items assigned to this item group with the item group's currently selected default sell pricing values.

  • Updated the default sell pricing fields so they are no longer mandatory, which allows item groups to just be used as labels across a set of items.

  • Price books:

  • Included a new option during the standard import process to also update existing items' descriptions with the descriptions from the price book file.

  • Updated the import rules when importing price books to not update the buy and/or sell pricing values for existing items depending on set prices, assigned item groups and changes made to the item's pricing or the assigned item group's pricing values when compared to the pricing used on the last price book import.

  • SmartForms - Included a new option on a per-SmartForm basis to determine if all SmartForm results should be editable once they have been signed off.

  • Timesheets - Included a new option during posting to customize the consolidation options.

  • Emailing:

  • Starting from the end of May 2022, Google is expected to stop supporting the existing (now obsolete) Gmail option found in the general preferences' SMTP settings.

  • Included a new Gmail option that is supported by the Gmail API.

  • You can set up a single Gmail account in preferences to be used by all users, and/or set up individual Gmail accounts on a per-user basis to send emails via a connected Gmail account from directly within smartbiz online.

New sboMobile functionality:

  • Costings – Included the costing code field on costing line items in the job worksheet.

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