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Cleaning the Filters


As shown below smartbiz online has all the core functionality HVAC&R field service providers need to successfully manage their businesses.

smartbiz online has also been specifically developed with a focus on the HVAC&R industry, our R&D team is collaborating with industry peak authorities to solve both legacy industry pain points and implement the emerging technologies. Specific R&D projects we are undertaking for the HVAC&R industry include:

  • Developing SmartForm solution for standardising HVAC&R field service maintenance work

  • Integrating a workplace safety solution specifically designed for the HVAC&R industry into the standardised HVAC&R maintenance solution

  • End-to-end tracking of refrigerants including on-the-job tracking integrated into the standardised HVAC&R maintenance solution.

  • IoT remote asset management using BacNET, Modbus, LoRa or Zigbee. communication protocols. This work also incorporates a R&D on energy efficiency of AC and refrigeration plant.

The recent addition of smartbiz online’s project management module means HVAC&R service providers can use the software for managing tenders and the resulting contract work.

The following are the core functionalities available in smartbiz online. You will see that smartbiz online integrates into the one software package virtually all the features and functionalities you’ll need to efficiently manage and grow your business, meaning you don’t need to suffer the complications and expense of running multiple software packages.

Greater visibility for you & your clients 
Increased productivity in the office & field
You & the customer get a more professional service 

Industry Leading Support

Our customers will attest to the quality of our support. After being in business for 20 years we know how important it is for our customers to have person-to-person support when they need it.


When you call our support team you will be dealing with people and not machines, during normal business hours we achieve a better than 90% response rate. There’s no need to log online tickets or send emails, then wait days for a response. If we can't immediately answer your call we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Jobs, Clients & Sites

Managing jobs including client and their site information is the bread and butter of any business. Receive, schedule and track jobs efficiently, manage all the information you need about clients, sites, contacts, site assets and much more.


Manage your employees including job scheduling, time keeping, use the smart device tracking feature to their location on a where and when basis. Refer below for our vehicle tracking solution. 

Quoting & Invoicing

Manage your quoting and invoicing using customized templates, offer your customers options and let your customers select the options they prefer.


Our electronic SmartForms are a much more powerful solution than paper or spreadsheet forms, while they are particularly popular for workplace safety management they can be used for many other purposes. SmartForm results can be emailed to customers from the field and customers can be setup to see their form results in the SmartGate online portal.


The following list of standard SmartForms are available in smartbiz online at no cost.

  • Health & safety  

  • Job safety analysis   

  • Code of compliance certificate

  • Gas safety certificate

  • Electrical safety certificate

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Covid-19



We have developed more than 1,000 customised SmartForms for our customers, customised SmartForms enable the inclusion of “smarts” including adding form tasks in the field, recording photographs, raising work orders that are logged back in the office, doing calculations on the form and much more.

Advanced Reports

smartbiz online comes with 21 advanced reports that make managing your business a lot easier. These include assets, customer, suppler, employee, invoice, job, orders, quotes, schedule and timesheet reports.

If you have a requirement for a special report we can design and build you a custom report for almost any reporting requirement you have.

Supplier Invoices & Price Books

Import supplier invoices and price books directly. smartbiz online currently integrates directly into the software stock systems of several major suppliers, we expect to add further supplier integrations in due course.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is crucial for almost every business, using the inventory module in conjunction its barcode scanning feature you'll know where your stock is, be able to order or automatically replenish stock, do stocktakes, run reports on stock, monitor shrinkage and more.

Asset Management

Manage your customers assets professionally, use our SmartForms solution for asset maintenance including logging work orders from the field and tracking asset service history.

Project Management 

We have recently implemented a project management module that allows you to schedule tasks, track progress on Gantt charts, deal with variations and progress claims and much more.

Vehicle Tracking 

Use smartbiz online’s vehicle tracing module in conjunction with the smart device tracking functionality to know where your vehicles and employees are.

The vehicle tracking solution allow users to track their vehicles in real time, show trips on the map and to report on trips. A major benefit is the vehicle tracking is fully integrated with the schedule, you can see vehicles, employees and jobs on the same map.

Accounting Integration

Once you’re ready to invoice your customers you can export your invoices from smartbiz online to the following popular cloud-based accounting packages.


Exporting invoices to most other accounting packages can readily be done using a CSV file.

Company Wide Messaging

Message anyone connected within your company smartbiz online from office users to field staff. 

Data Backup & Protection 

Have peace of mind knowing that your data is saved and backed up regularly to ensure its kept safe.   

IOT Integration

Our SmartHub module incorporates Internet of Things functionality. This enables smartbiz online users to remotely monitor assets via BacNET, Modbus, LoRa or Zigbee communication protocols.

SmartHub incorporates functionality that includes the ability to manage faults, set alarm statuses, setup your own charts to performance and import 2-D or 3-D CAD models of buildings showing monitored assets that you can click onto to display data graphically.

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